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  1. Aug 13

    No incidents on this day.

  2. Aug 12

    No incidents on this day.

  3. Aug 11

    No incidents on this day.

  4. Aug 10

    No incidents on this day.

  5. Aug 09

    1. [Informational] | DNS changes

      We're applying changes to our DNS records affecting Sdui services including our mobile app. These changes take up to 24 hours until being deployed to all devices.

      Product experience shouldn't be affected by that.

    2. [Resolved] | Resolved

    3. [Warning] | Incident causing increased loading times

      An incident caused increased loading times and error messages in Sdui for about 10 minutes,

  6. Aug 08

    1. [Scheduled] | Scheduled maintenance affecting Sdui app

      A scheduled maintenance is taking place starting from 9 PM for about 5-10 minutes affecting all Sdui services.

  7. Aug 07

    No incidents on this day.